Happy New Year’s Eve from the DuBoses,

I forgot to post this to WordPress.. It is a tad late and some prayer requests have been answered. ENJOY!

We hope this update finds everyone healthy, happy, and preparing for the New Year.  2019 was filled with many ups and downs for our family.  We are seeking the Lord in both.  December was super busy (as I am sure yours was) with parties, end of the year tasks, ministry, and family events.  Through the season, we focused on Jesus, glorified Him, and will continue seeking the Lord in 2020.  Please enjoy the following updates.

Emma: Emma finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  She sang in the church’s Christmas play (a beautiful rendition of “Mary Did you Know” in Spanish).  She rocked out their music school Christmas concert and her solos to end the year.  She continues playing piano and singing on Sundays at Iglesia Fuente de Gracia.

Bowden: Bowden too finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  He helped with a Puppet Show at the Casa Josefina on Christmas Eve.  Also, he did great on the drums at the music school concert as well as rocking his solo to end the year.

Blakely: Blakely also finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  She was the other half of the Puppet Show with Bowden.  It was very cute and entertained the little ones and staff.  She did great on the drums at the music school concert and showed great confidence in her solo.  She too participated in the Church play and rocked the hand bells.

Cindy: Cindy stayed very busy helping with Christmas activities at the Casa Josefina as well as dancing in the church play. In between running to GAL school with the kids, the church, and the Casa Josefina, her plate was full. Cindy baked like a boss for Christmas and is responsible for my (Josh ) weight gain!!!!

Josh:  I have continued meeting one on one with 2 students.  Both are growing in faith (both are Christians and have been baptized) and knowledge. I participated in La Fuente’s first complete medical campaign in Ccapacmarca. I finished up the year in La Fuente and am enjoying our 2 weeks off from clinic. As part of our family tradition, I cooked breakfast and a massive Turkey dinner on Christmas Day.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: The church held a play called “El Mejor Regalo” written by Scott and Meghan Dillon.  It was done excellently and all proceeds went to buy supplies and things of necessity for the Casa Josefina.  The play raised over 700 soles.  

La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral: The clinic finished the year strong.  I will send statistics for the full year in mid-January.  The clinic also participated in a full medical campaign in Ccapacmarca.  It was a time of working together and showing God’s love outside of the four walls of the Clinic.  Dr. Vladi did an excellent job organizing everything and it was a huge success despite lots of challenges (frequent loss of power and unbelievable amounts of rain).

Casa Josefina:  The house has experienced several adoptions this month.  PRAISE GOD!  Ceci (the head of CJ) has moved into her new apartment outside of the house (she lives on the grounds full time) and we have utilized the space created to separate the children by ages.  This will help in their development and hopefully decrease house wide sicknesses (ie: colds and flu).

University Student Ministry:  Saturday night events have continued to be positive with many regular attenders.  We hosted a dinner for them on the 28th.  Hugo and Ana prepared a feast and it was a great time together.  Our time on Campus was disrupted for almost 3 weeks with a Nationwide National University strike.  The campus was closed up until about 2 weeks ago.  We hope to continue meeting with the students from the Communication department.

As we enter 2020, please let us know how we can pray for you all.  It is truly our honor and I love receiving prayer requests from our supporters and prayer warriors.

Please lift up these following prayers for us and the ministry:

  • Pray for the Scarborough family: They are currently in Cusco saying the very hard goodbyes.  Their time in Cusco (if you have followed it) was cut short for medical reasons and they have re-settled in Augusta.  Although the time was short, they love and loved very well. (PRAYER ANSWERED)
  • Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: That we continue to groom and grow future disciples from the church.
  • La Fuente Centro de Salud: That we continue to share the Gospel of Jesus with patients. That the leadership continues to make God-centered decisions regarding patient care, growth, and personnel.
  • Dr. Katie Pakarek: We have run into some difficulties with her licensing paperwork.  Pray that we can open the doors to get her licensed in Peru.
  • Dr. Anna Ross:  Pray that she will receive her license to practice dentistry.  It has been a long process that we hope is coming to a close. (PRAYER ANSWERED)
  • That the University Student ministry continues to grow and follow Jesus. 

Again, thank you for loving us well.  We wish you all a happy and blessed New Year,

The DuBoses in Peru