Happy August friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

July proved to be a very busy month for us here in Cusco.  The kids are currently finishing up a 2 week break from school.  All are doing so very well. We were able to reconnect with David and Brooke Daniel and their kids when they came to Cusco with MCO Auburn.  Cindy and I were part of a 2 day course hosted by MTW missionaries.  It focused on prayer and it’s many different aspects.  The kids school, GAL, hosted an “entrepreneur day” where each grade came up with a product and sold it at the event.  All kids worked very hard on these projects and the event was a huge success.

Please enjoy the following individual updates:

Emma: She continues rocking the piano and is playing almost every Sunday at the church.  It makes us so proud how she is using her talents to honor God.  Emma helped with teaching English classes at the church.

Bowden: He is continuing to progress in drums and really does love playing.  His teacher brags on him daily.  Bowden helped some at the MCO Auburn medical campaign.

Blakely: Blakely is also progressing well in drums.  She really loves it and Bowden has been a great help showing her the ropes.  Blakely helped some at the MCO Auburn medical campaign too.

Cindy:  Cindy has been extremely busy at the Casa Josefina with numerous groups coming to Cusco and volunteering.  She coordinates their visits and hours to work and July was a full time job. Cindy also helped translate with MCO Auburn.  It was her first time translating for a medical team and she did great.  Cindy continues teaching the kids on Sundays at the church and is close to finishing this semester’s Tuesday kids Bible Study. She helped teach English classes at the church.

Josh:  I started July off with a missions conference in Lima with Demps Dempsey of CO Belo Horizonte.  I then translated for the MCO Auburn medical campaign.  The following weekend I went to Pitumarca on a weekend medical campaign with ATEK and some of the crew from La Fuente.  It was an interesting trip with the last full day treating patients with no power in the city. In between this, I worked at La Fuente and continued Saturday night student ministry.  

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to see new faces, form new relationships, and steadily grow.  Hosting English classes helped connect a lot of new people to the church. Fuente de Gracia hosted a wedding for a couple (David and Sylvia) who had been together 30+ years and decided to give their lives to Christ and be baptized.  What wonderful examples they are being for their children.

Clinica La Fuente:  The clinic continues to be a blessing to the community and all services are running well. Department leaders have done a great job problem solving and improving services.

Casa Josefina:  The house has 15 children currently.  The staff and volunteers continue to love well and serve well.  Kristen Henson has done a great job leading.  Corey Stockert continues to bless the house and our team with his ever-present service.  He can invent, repair, and construct almost anything.

University Student Ministry:  We continue individual Bible studies as well as our Saturday night events.  We are finishing up the Gospel of John.  It has been very encouraging with our rotating schedule of teaching.  We hope to see an influx of participation when school resumes.

Prayer requests:
-Pray for health in our family as we have been surrounded by some illness.  May we be protected.
-Pray that the University students who have left our study or are not coming will open their hearts to hear God.
-Pray that our kids will return to school rested and ready to conquer the last half of the school year.

Again, thank you for loving us well.  Please let us know how we may pray for you all.  It is our honor.

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In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose