DuBoses in Peru June Update

Happy July friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

We hope you are all doing well.  We hope that you know that we love you and miss you all.  June was full of ups and downs with ministry, family, and just life in general.  Before I review the month, I wanted to share something that came across our Campus Outreach International email.  This is from Kent Bailey, our COIN director:

Ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you” just sounds too good to be true yet that is exactly what Jesus said.  It takes an incredible amount of power to make a promise like that but Jesus possesses that power.  The only prerequisites that Jesus puts on this amazing promise is that we abide in Him and His Word would abide in us.  That “abiding” means to “live in” or to “make it your home”.  How is it that I am “living in Christ” and “making the Word my home”?  All of us can relate to the reality that we pray about the things where we live.  Jesus is tapping into that reality by telling us “live in Me and in My Word and that will shape your prayers”.

Jesus implies in John 15:7 that we should be asking boldly when we pray.  I was challenged recently by this quote from Kevin DeYoung:

If all your prayers came true this week, who would be converted, whose marriage would be restored, what great gospel advance might there be, and what missionaries would be sent out?

Kent’s words should challenge us to pray big. Pray outside of our comfort zone.  Pray for His Kingdom.  Pray for the lost, the hurt, our family, our friends, and our enemies. How will you pray today, tomorrow, and the next?  Thanks for the words Kent.

Please enjoy the following updates:

The Kiddos:  Emma and Bowden again performed in Tupac Amaru Plaza with the music school.  They both did great and continue to impress their mom and I as they grow in their skills.  Blakley finished up with ballet and now desires to try her luck at drums.  All three have just finished their first trimester at GAL and did great.  We are so proud of all 3.

Our Family: We said good-bye to our nephew, Dylan, on the 2nd and truly enjoyed having him here.  ECC Pastor Gary Thompson and his wife Leslie came to visit and offer pastoral care for us.  It was a sweet time with great friends.  Although their time here was short (6 days) it was full of love and laughs. Our family, the Thompsons, and some teammates went to the Plaza to eat and watch the Inti Raymi festivities on June 24th.

We had a proud family moment as my sister, Kim, shared her testimony at Celebrate Recovery.  We are told she did excellent and we believe without a doubt she is impacting her community for Jesus.

Cindy: Cindy was extremely busy as Casa Josefina had a slew of volunteers.  She anticipates the same for July.  She continues her Tuesday missionary kid Bible Study.  They continue to study the Armor of God.  Cindy is also teaching Sunday school for the kids once a month.

Josh: I have continued to be busy at the dental clinic and placed a good bit of implants this month.  Thank you again to those who gave to help implement this system for the clinic. I too helped translate for MCO Augusta and shared our family’s testimony and journey to Cusco with the group.  They were awesome and about 6 or 7 came last year with MCO.  I continue to help with student ministry events on Saturday nights as well as Wednesday night Bible Study with Nestor.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church is currently hosting a 5 week English course to about 40 participants.  Volunteers from the USA are teaching.  Our goal  is to attract people to the Gospel and have opportunities to share Christ with people who may not traditionally attend church.

La Fuente Centro de Salud: The clinic continues to grow and serve a variety of people with a variety of illnesses and needs.  The dental clinic expansion is finished and I have provided photos of the expansion.  We have had positive feedback from patients and the expansion has allowed us to attend more people, especially those with emergent needs.  Our intern Jose Luis finished his 5 months with us on Friday.

Casa Josefina: The house currently has 15 babies and has seen a large influx of short term volunteers.  The house sadly learned of the death of a former JH child named Zoe.  She was a special needs 7 year old who had relocated to another home about 6 months ago.  The entire JH home has mourned her loss as she lived at the JH almost her entire life.

University Ministry:  We continue meeting Saturday nights with the students.  We are studying the Gospel of John for this semester.  Most of us continue 1 on 1 discipleship and Bible study with students.

Prayer requests:

  • continued prayers for the Scarboroughs as they pursue God’s will in their next steps.
  • Prayers for Casa Josefina: that each child be given the opportunity to reunite with family or be declared eligible for adoption.  That each person affected by Zoe’s death be able to mourn and seek God in this difficult time.
  • for the University ministry: that the students continue to grow and invite friends to Bible studies. That we (MTW and CO) will be able to recruit more volunteers to serve with these young people.
  • That the Auburn University medical SMI will serve well, remain healthy, and share the Gospel with those they are in contact with. (here July 7th-15th).
  • The Dillon family: they arrived back in Cusco Thursday. Please pray for a smooth transition back home after a year in the USA.
  • Those attending the English classes at the church draw near to Jesus.

Please let us know how we can pray for you guys.  It is truly our honor and something we take serious.

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In His name,

The DuBoses in Peru

Not sure Gary was feeling the sample of Cuy.
Leslie with no fear eating Cuy.
Clinic tour with Gary and Leslie.
Emma preparing to sing for Sunday Worship.
Emma and Bowden preparing to sing and play drums at Plaza Tupac Amaru.
Cindy helping with the kid’s Bible Study craft.  The Armor of God.
Hanging with Bowden’s friend, Thiago, and his family in the Sacred Valley.
Father’s day love from my babies.
New entry to the dental clinic.
One of the newly remodeled dental operatories.  The expansion allowed for 2 more rooms with 2 new chairs!  Fully equipped to serve more people for Jesus.
A plaque designed by Dr. Ruth Nancy for the clinic expansion.  It says ” intercultural professionals, at the service of their neighbor, giving the love of Christ.”  Note the American flag alongside the Peruvian flag.
Serving at the medical campaign for MCO Augusta.  Working with 2nd year med student Pearce.
The Plaza de Armas during Inti Raymi.
Plaza de Armas during Inti Raymi.
On Our walk to see Jesus Blanco.