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We have begun construction for the dental expansion.  It is super noisy and super dusty. We are currently sacrificing space (we only have 2 functional rooms) for progress.  However, we know this short term suffering will be worth it with the added space, added volunteers and personnel, and the ability to attend more patients and reach them with the Gospel.  Please consider a financial gift/donation to help fully fund this project.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” Without a doubt, the clinic staff, Peruvian and missionary doctors and student interns (pictured above) of La Fuente Dental clinic echo this sentiment. Gospel-centered healthcare is work worth doing. The opportunity to love people, with the love of God, while providing excellent dental care is work worth doing.

Last year, La Fuente dental clinic provided treatment to 3,916 patients. Of those patients, 65% received their treatment at a reduced rate (averaging a discount of 10-25%) and 5-10% of the patients received treatment at no cost. This is only the beginning of the work done at La Fuente. Each morning, the staff, doctors and student interns gather with the rest of the departments of La Fuente (pediatric, ophthalmology, general medicine, optometry, physical therapy, pharmacy, psychology and laboratory) for a time of fellowship, prayer and studying the word of God. Dr. Vladimir Mamani Ccasa (Dr. Vladi), a Peruvian dentist, is one of four people in charge of leading and teaching during this time. The staff grow together, work better together, love each other better and are equipped to do the work God has called them to do.

For Dr. Vladi (pictured above), who has been at La Fuente for four years, his work is God’s work. He considers La Fuente to be almost like a small church. His joy and purpose are extending the love of God, sharing the Gospel and providing high quality dental care to his patients, no matter their ability to pay. Dr. Vladi knows, along with the rest of the staff and doctors, that there is no other clinic in Cusco, where this is offered. He says, “In other clinics in Cusco, patients sometimes have bad experiences, but La Fuente is different. Patients receive a high level of care and attention here.”
One does not have to look far to see the reputation and recognition that La Fuente has gained for itself in the community. Doctors and nurses from local hospitals and clinics refer their patients to the dental clinic. Jose Luis Perales Lopez is a dental intern from Andina University in Cusco and is currently doing a five-month internship at La Fuente. When asked why he chose to do his clinical training at La Fuente, he said, “I was recommended by a friend who did his clinical rotation here. My friend said he learned so much and had a great experience. I am also having a great experience. Here, we are able to offer so much more than other clinics and we help people, even if they can’t afford the treatment.”
Dr. Shiomi Zarate and dental intern, Jose, working on a patient.
Dr. Shiomi Pfuno Zarate is a dentist at La Fuente, who also did her clinical rotation there. While receiving excellent training, she learned about God’s love for her and it changed her life forever. She says, “We help patients through healthcare, but also through faith. It is beautiful how we help people with the words of Jesus, demonstrating to patients that we are not professionals who want money, but we are professionals that want to guide them in the path of Christ, helping with their healthcare needs and showing them how marvelous God is.”
Dr. Josh DuBose (pictured below with a patient) is one of the missionary dentists who works at La Fuente and has been in Cusco since January 2017. He states, “It is truly an honor to work to make people’s lives better, to make them healthier and to not do it for a profit.” He also shares, “We actually have a waitlist of people, Peruvian dentists and people from the U.S., who want to come join in the work God is doing here. People know this clinic is special. We are just honest in what we do. We don’t recommend unnecessary treatment just to make more money and if we don’t know something, we are humble enough to tell our patients. This is very much outside the norm of how most clinics or doctor/patient relationships work here. What we do is Gospel-centered healthcare and we ultimately reach patients and student interns with the Gospel and God’s love for them.”
Right now, there are two missionary dentists (Dr. Anna Ross moved to Cusco in January 2019), two full-time Peruvian dentists, 1 part-time dentist and each semester La Fuente dental clinic receives two to three student interns from local dental schools. At any given moment there could be up to eight people working to schedule around the four dental chairs that make-up the La Fuente dental clinic. With continued interest from others, including the Christian Medical and Dental Association’s desire to send residents from their state-side, dental residency program, the need for a clinic expansion from four dental chairs to six dental chairs is ever-present.

A very conservative projection is that 1,408 more patients could be seen per year with the addition of two dental chairs. That means 1,408 more people hearing the Gospel and receiving Christ-centered healthcare per year along with sufficient space for training student interns, for training and experience for dental residents from the U.S. and for the possibility of receiving more long-term dental missionaries.

Design for clinic expansion.
La Fuente has become a self-sustaining clinic. They do charge for their services, but still ensure no one is turned away, and finances needed for the costs of day-to-day operations are not dependent on outside sources. The revenue produced from the additional two dental chairs (projected to be $42,500/year) would provide increased support for La Fuente and help ensure La Fuente can continue for many years to come, providing training, treatment and an avenue to reach people with the love of God who might not step foot into a church in Cusco.  The additional revenue would not just help support the dental clinic, but also the pediatric department, eye clinic, general medicine and physical therapy departments to ensure more treatment is available for the people of Cusco.

The cost to expand the current dental clinic space with four dental chairs to six dental chairs is approximately $30,000. This includes all the required dental equipment and the construction costs. Would you prayerfully consider partnering financially with La Fuente dental clinic to provide additional patient care and opportunities for the Gospel and for God’s love in Cusco? All donations are tax-deductible.

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