We need partners both financially and spiritually.  Our family has transitioned to full time staff members with Campus Outreach.  We are currently living in Cusco, Peru where we moved in October of 2016.   Josh is working at La Fuente as a missionary dentist.  We are active with Discipling students from the 2 Medical and Dental schools in Cusco.   Cindy is involved heavily with the children’s ministry at our church and will be volunteering more at our orphanage, Casa Josefina in 2018.  We are excited to see God move through our supporters.  Please, prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly, quarterly, or annually.  There is no such gift that is too small or too big.  Click on the following link to GIVE:

Supporter Site:

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DuBoses in Peru May 2020 Update

 Hello friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

I do hope this update finds each of you well.  In a time of uncertainty, I (Josh) hope we find comfort and joy in Jesus Christ. I can honestly say that I have had a very difficult time finding joy.  84 days into country wide lock down and national quarantine has exhausted me as well as my family.  However, today’s sermons, one from Iglesia Fuente de Gracia, and one from Eastridge Church, have given me a newfound perspective.  In Psalm 27:13-14, David teaches us:

“I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;
be strong and take heart
and wait for the Lord.”

Why must we wait? Why must we be confident?  Because the Lord is teaching us.  He is showing us His plans in the face of a Pandemic, racial injustice, protesting, rioting, indifference, and economic uncertainty.  Paul has prepared us spiritually in Philippians.  He writes in Philippians 4:13-14:

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty.
I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation,
whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 
I can do all things through him who gives me strength.So, I will wait.  I will try to be content.  I can do all things through Him. “

I will strive for contentment and remain confident in my Savior.

I do want to share some May highlights.  And say that to date, we are healthy, we are fed, have running water and electricity, and yes, we continue to be under quarantine.

So, Cindy and I celebrated 16 years of marriage with date night…in our home. We had a wonderful dinner that was served by our waiter Bowden, live dancing with Blakely, and beautiful music provided by Emma.  I am so thankful for a family that loves well. 

We helped to make Mother’s Day special for Cindy too.  It was sweet hanging out, eating well, and having kid snuggles throughout the day.  

Our kids continued with virtual (Zoom) music lessons.  They too are continuing their online home-school curriculum.  It is a struggle but they are adjusting well.

After learning of the quarantine extension (until June 30th), we too learned that a few additional businesses would be allowed to re-open. This includes many medical services.  So, we have re-opened La Fuente Centro de Salud with limited services in Physical Therapy, Optometry, Ophthalmology, and dental.  After much planning, additional government regulations and restrictions, many financial setbacks, patient care resumed on June 3rd.  This included every member of La Fuente (50  people) being tested for COVID-19.  All were negative.

Also, we can now walk with our kids (they mainly ride scooters) for 30 min a day in our district.  This has been somewhat of a relief after 70 plus days in the house.  We do miss the days of going to the parks, which is still restricted.

I ask for prayers for the following:
-Health of all people involved in the services of La Fuente Centro de Salud.
-Health for the workers and babies of Casa Josefina.
-For our family, as quarantine continues and most of our ministries remain shut down.
-For wisdom in the decisions of our team leaders, ministry leaders, and Church.

In His name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose
 Candlelight dinner.  16 years of Marriage.Our handsome waiter rocking his tie.Pictures from Cindy’s Mother’s Day breakfast.Out for a stroll and a small taste of freedom.Rolling around the block.Libre soy!A week of training, learning about protocols, and regulations. A week of training, learning about protocols, and regulations. Paul controlling the door and Ninfa waiting to triage patients.Dr. Julia King dressed up for patient care in Physical Therapy.Dr. Ruth Nancy with the 1st patient in dental.  Not sure if we are dentists or auditioning for SpaceX!With the return to patient care, I needed to cut the beard for a better fit for my n95 mask.  Rocked the stache for a few days…it was not received well by my girls.  The boy, loved it!Proof that quarantine has not halted growth!!!

DuBoses in Peru April Update

Yo me quedo en casa.  That is the battle cry here in Peru.  I stay in the house.  The rally cry of much of the world.  Today marks day 46 of our country wide lock down and quarantine.  Only banks, pharmacies, grocery stores/markets, and hospitals have been open.  Elective medical procedures have been cancelled and doctors have been able to treat patients only on emergency basis. Below are the statistics of Peru as of today.  We have had over 10,000 new cases in the last 5 days.  I wish I could write you all and say this quarantine has been all roses and rainbows. The truth is, it has been difficult, stressful, and very trying.  No one is permitted to leave the house except to go to one of the above services.  I feel it has been monitored ok, but people are people and often do not follow the rules.  It is the job of the National Police and Military to patrol the streets and maintain order.  We can only have one person per household leave at a time.  Our kids and us (Cindy and Josh) are going a bit stir crazy and miss our times at the local parks.  Sadly, we have no yard to play in.Ministry is still at a standstill and the clinic is closed.  I do not have a ton to update, but please enjoy what I have:

The kiddos: After much consideration and with a heavy heart, we withdrew our kids from GAL school.  They had switched to virtual classes and we received some reports that children may not return to classrooms until October, if at all.  The classes (in our opinions) were not adequate, had many internet issues, and we just did not feel the curriculum progressing.  Emma, Bowden, and Blakely are still very sad and miss their friends dearly.  They so wanted to say goodbye, but that is not our current reality in Cusco. 

They all are continuing music lessons (drums, guitar, piano) through Zoom and Whatsapp.  They have begun a new online homeschool curriculum and seem to enjoy it.  I am teaching them finance classes and Cindy is supplementing a lot of classes.

Padres: Cindy and I are balancing cooking, cleaning, shopping, in-house exercising, and homeschool teaching, I have taken a few online continuing education courses and I am researching COVID-19 and dental recommendations in hopes to return to the clinic.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: The church continues online devotionals and online services on Sundays. Many small groups continue to meet through Whatsapp.

La Fuente Centro de Salud: We remain closed and have seen only a few patients on emergency basis.  We have raised about $29,000 to help keep all of our personnel employed during this pandemic.  Thank you to everyone who has given.  If you feel lead to give to help the clinic financially, please click the following link.  All money entering that account is going strictly to La Fuente’s payroll.

Casa Josefina:  Staff members continue 2 week rotations and stay at the house the entire time.  To date, no one has been ill and the babies have remained healthy. Of course, all adoption protocol has halted.

University student ministry: The universities have begun online classes.  With many having limited internet, time will tell if this avenue can and will be sustainable.  We do not expect to be able to meet or go on campus for many more months.

We want to say thank you so very much for loving us well.  Thank you for reaching out to us to see how we are doing.  Thank you for the financial support during these very difficult times.  Thank you for taking care of your families, friends, neighbors, and communities.  We are proud to have each and every one of you on our team.  If you need prayer, please reach out to us. It is our honor to pray specifically for you.

I ask that you lift up the following prayers:
-that the babies and workers of Casa Josefina remain healthy.
-that Nathan Henson and the Board of Directors of La Fuente continue to make wise decisions with respect to the clinic and employees.
-that our babies find peace in the school transition and continue to find peace daily in our home.
-that Iglesia Fuente de Gracia continues to support and love its members.
-that the Jovenes of the church sense God in this very uncertain time in their studies and their lives.In His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose
 Easter Lunch with all the fixins.Celebrating Julia’s birthday.Prepping to crush Easter Lunch.Bowden and Blakely getting their bake on.Easter surprises.Not much room, but the egg hunt was on.Giving the thumbs up to a cake brought by our neighbor Ricardo.Photo I took yesterday of the moon in the midst of day.  I am trying to see God’s beauty in the storm.Painting Easter EggsPainting Easter EggsPainting Easter EggsHomeschooling.Yep, I am the guinea pig (CUY) for the dental clinic’s new gear. It is just as comfortable as it looks!!!!Easter treats.The new “norm” with online church.Egg? What egg?Zoom call with our clinic personnel.

DuBoses in Peru March Update

 Good evening friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

I do hope this update finds you all safe, quarantined if mandated, and following government regulation. Romans 13:1-5 teaches us ” Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.  Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.  For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended.  For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer.  Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.”  I know I know.  I hear you saying thanks for the Bible lesson Doc.  However, the wisdom in this writing is as relevant today as it was when written by Paul in the 1st Century.

We have heard so much about the essential worker.  Both here in Cusco as well as in the USA.  Who is the essential worker?  Who is not the essential worker? Have we thought about Jesus as the essential worker?  Our father who never rests, who is never surprised (not by COVID-19) by change, and who is always there for us.  Let us reach out to Him daily.  Let us seek Him daily.  Let us remember Him when we feel lost, hurt, scared, and are full of anxiety.  Let us seek the Essential Worker and say thank You and I love You.   Let us too ask Him, how may I serve You in this season?  

To date, we are in day 26 of full quarantine.  What does that consist of?  We are permitted to leave the house to go to the bank, pharmacy, the hospital, or the grocery store.  We have been under a nightly curfew that now begins at 6 PM and ends at 5 AM. We are thankful that food services continue and we have water, food, electricity, as well as internet. 

Many of our day to day activities have ceased and life here is just different.  Most of you are experiencing this too.  Life has gone on (in limited form), so please enjoy our updates.

Emma: Emma started school at GAL on the 2nd and had a wonderful week and a half.  We then went into quarantine and have since continued classes online.  She has continued both guitar and piano lesson via Whatsapp with the music school.

Bowden: Bowden too started school at GAL on the 2nd and had a wonderful week and a half.  School is now online.  Bowden continues drum lessons via Whatsapp.  We celebrated his birthday (#12) on the 16th under quarantine.  He got to do exactly what he wanted.  Lots of food, video games, and tech time.  He was so content considering the circumstance.  God’s grace was super evident.

Blakely:  Blakely too started school at GAL on the 2nd and had a wonderful week and a half.  School is also online. She continues drum and piano lessons via Whatsapp. We celebrated Boo’s birthday (9th) on the 10th and she had a sweet puppy adoption party.

Cindy: With the spread of COVID-19 in Peru, Cindy has stopped volunteering at the Casa Josefina.  Only full time employees are permitted entry into the house.  Cindy taught the last kids Sunday school class before quarantine.

Josh:  We closed the clinic and halted student ministry. My small group (which I miss dearly) has also stopped as a product of quarantine.  So, this is 180 degrees from where I was in February.  I knew I needed a break from the lack of balance with teaching, clinic time, and home life.  I just did not know it would come at the price of COVID-19.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  Church services were great the first 2 weeks of March.  We have since shifted to an online format on Sunday morning.

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  We were able to have 2 weeks of patient care before closing indefinitely. Our clinic began preparations for COVID-19 in Cusco at the end of February.  We were and are well prepared to return to work.  We just are not sure when!

Casa Josefina:  The babies and the workers at Casa Josefina have remained healthy and isolated from visitors.  There have been no new adoptions since our last update.

University student ministry:  We had been studying different Christian leaders until the quarantine.  We hope to be able to pick this back up soon.

Prayer requests: Please lift up the following prayers:

-That Nathan Henson and I make wise decisions with the clinic La Fuente.  That we may reopen and work safely.  Funds are limited and we will be without clinic income for over a month (if the quarantine is lifted on the 26th).  We hope and pray that we do not have to lay off staff.

-That the babies and staff of Casa Josefina remain healthy and isolated from Coronavirus.

-That our team will remain healthy here in Cusco and serve at whatever capacity is available.

In His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose
 Birthday donuts made by momma.Birthday party for Boo.Bowden opening his gift from Boo.Bowden opening his gift from Emma.The NEW NORMAL in Peru.Life in La Fuente as we prepared for COVID-19 to come to Cusco!1st day of school at GAL.Cindy directing the puppy adoption.Celebrating Chaska’s 7th Birthday (March 12th).

Pray for Our Nations

 Good evening friends, family, and supporters,

As of this email, there are 86 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Peru. Yesterday evening, President Vizcarra of Peru declared a nationwide state of emergency for the next 15 days. Here’s a summary of what that means:

1. All borders are completely closed as of midnight tonight.  All local and international flights are canceled. Only cargo vessels will be allowed into the country to assure that we have adequate food, water, and supplies.
2. We are under a 15-day mandatory social quarantine. The only businesses that will be allowed to operate are banks, markets, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. The government guarantees food, water, gas, waste collection, sanitation, electricity, and phone service.
3. During the state of emergency, the armed forces and the national police will be taking charge of security to keep order. Constitutional rights have been suspended, specifically the right to meet freely (aka religious gatherings, etc.) and certain other rights with the intention of halting the spread of the disease. This means that the military will be in the streets keeping the peace and enforcing the continuity of utilities, services, and commerce.

In summary, our family is in Cusco.  We are safe.  We have our basic necessities.  We have closed the clinic, suspended church meetings, as well as all activities with our University students, and are in our home safe.  

Many of you in the USA and around the globe are experiencing the same.  I encourage all of us to pray. Pray for peace, comfort, and an end to this spread.  We covet normalcy and comfort.  This is uncomfortable.  Please pray with me.  Our clinic will be intentionally praying for each other at 8 AM, 12 PM, and 4 PM everyday.  Join us.

In His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

DuBoses in Peru January Update

Happy February all,

We hope that 2020 has started off great for everyone. Our children have enjoyed their time away from school.  They will return to GAL in March after a 2 month summer break.  We traveled as a family to Lima with the Scarborough and Henson families to say our goodbyes to the Scarboroughs.  It was a sweet time for our families.  A time of love, some sadness, and great goodbyes.  Also, we celebrated a UGA victory in the Sugar Bowl!

We returned to normal business on the 6th with Cindy staying very busy at Casa Josefina as well as me in La Clinica La Fuente.  January was a time full of planning for the year in all ministries, reviewing what worked and did not work, as well as making appropriate changes.  Please enjoy the family and ministerial updates.

Emma:  Emma has enjoyed a full schedule of music.  She has continued piano lessons as well as playing and singing most Sundays in the church.  She began taking guitar lessons as well.

Bowden: Bowden continues drum lessons and playing with his friends in the neighborhood during summer break.

Blakely: Blakely has continued drum lessons as well as beginning piano lessons during the summer break.

Cindy: Cindy has stayed busy with several volunteers working at the Casa Josefina as well as teaching every Sunday with the children in the church.  She continues her Missionary Kid Bible study on Tuesdays.  Cindy also had a pajama party with the female University students at our home (me and the kids skipped out on that!!!!).  I am told they went to bed at 4 AM!!!

Josh: I was extremely busy in the clinic treating patients as well as closing out our fiscal year as the Financial Administrator. I will send the yearly report very soon. 

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia:  The church continues to have good numbers in attendance.  We have begun a sort of Sunday School for adults (Formación Espiritual) after our morning services.  It has had fair attendance.  We hope to grow that with time. 

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  After a 2 week break in December and January, the clinic opened its doors again on the 6th.  Patient care has been incredible and the clinic had 2 eye specialists come and teach and help our doctors.  Dental has been super excited to have Dr. Anna Ross in the clinic after a very long wait for her Peruvian dental license. We have utilized all 6 chairs in the clinic (again, thanks to those who gave to expand dental services).  

Casa Josefina:  The house currently has 14 children and saw 8 children leave the house in 2019 with their forever families.  AMEN.

University Student Ministry:  With vacations in January and some in February, we did not meet as a ministry.  However, we will be back in full swing in February with a few new members (all Nationals: Praise Jesus) of our Campus Crew.

Answered prayers:
We want to praise God for the answered prayers from December.  1). For the license of Dr. Anna Ross. 2). For a sweet time and health of the Scarboroughs while they were in Peru.

Prayer requests:

  • For the license of Dr. Katie Pakarek.  We are still in a holding pattern.
  • For growth in numbers and spiritually for the University Students.
  • For the babies of Casa Josefina to get their forever families.
  • For a healthy annual follow-up for Ryan Pakarek (he was diagnosed and treated for Melanoma just before coming to Peru).  He travels to Texas this week for a yearly follow-up.

Please let us know how we can pray for you.  It is our honor.

If you have not yet, follow us on Facebook at “DuBoses in Peru.”

In his Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

Adios 2019: Happy New Year.

Happy New Year’s Eve from the DuBoses,

I forgot to post this to WordPress.. It is a tad late and some prayer requests have been answered. ENJOY!

We hope this update finds everyone healthy, happy, and preparing for the New Year.  2019 was filled with many ups and downs for our family.  We are seeking the Lord in both.  December was super busy (as I am sure yours was) with parties, end of the year tasks, ministry, and family events.  Through the season, we focused on Jesus, glorified Him, and will continue seeking the Lord in 2020.  Please enjoy the following updates.

Emma: Emma finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  She sang in the church’s Christmas play (a beautiful rendition of “Mary Did you Know” in Spanish).  She rocked out their music school Christmas concert and her solos to end the year.  She continues playing piano and singing on Sundays at Iglesia Fuente de Gracia.

Bowden: Bowden too finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  He helped with a Puppet Show at the Casa Josefina on Christmas Eve.  Also, he did great on the drums at the music school concert as well as rocking his solo to end the year.

Blakely: Blakely also finished up GAL school with great grades and many great memories.  She was the other half of the Puppet Show with Bowden.  It was very cute and entertained the little ones and staff.  She did great on the drums at the music school concert and showed great confidence in her solo.  She too participated in the Church play and rocked the hand bells.

Cindy: Cindy stayed very busy helping with Christmas activities at the Casa Josefina as well as dancing in the church play. In between running to GAL school with the kids, the church, and the Casa Josefina, her plate was full. Cindy baked like a boss for Christmas and is responsible for my (Josh ) weight gain!!!!

Josh:  I have continued meeting one on one with 2 students.  Both are growing in faith (both are Christians and have been baptized) and knowledge. I participated in La Fuente’s first complete medical campaign in Ccapacmarca. I finished up the year in La Fuente and am enjoying our 2 weeks off from clinic. As part of our family tradition, I cooked breakfast and a massive Turkey dinner on Christmas Day.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: The church held a play called “El Mejor Regalo” written by Scott and Meghan Dillon.  It was done excellently and all proceeds went to buy supplies and things of necessity for the Casa Josefina.  The play raised over 700 soles.  

La Fuente Centro de Salud Integral: The clinic finished the year strong.  I will send statistics for the full year in mid-January.  The clinic also participated in a full medical campaign in Ccapacmarca.  It was a time of working together and showing God’s love outside of the four walls of the Clinic.  Dr. Vladi did an excellent job organizing everything and it was a huge success despite lots of challenges (frequent loss of power and unbelievable amounts of rain).

Casa Josefina:  The house has experienced several adoptions this month.  PRAISE GOD!  Ceci (the head of CJ) has moved into her new apartment outside of the house (she lives on the grounds full time) and we have utilized the space created to separate the children by ages.  This will help in their development and hopefully decrease house wide sicknesses (ie: colds and flu).

University Student Ministry:  Saturday night events have continued to be positive with many regular attenders.  We hosted a dinner for them on the 28th.  Hugo and Ana prepared a feast and it was a great time together.  Our time on Campus was disrupted for almost 3 weeks with a Nationwide National University strike.  The campus was closed up until about 2 weeks ago.  We hope to continue meeting with the students from the Communication department.

As we enter 2020, please let us know how we can pray for you all.  It is truly our honor and I love receiving prayer requests from our supporters and prayer warriors.

Please lift up these following prayers for us and the ministry:

  • Pray for the Scarborough family: They are currently in Cusco saying the very hard goodbyes.  Their time in Cusco (if you have followed it) was cut short for medical reasons and they have re-settled in Augusta.  Although the time was short, they love and loved very well. (PRAYER ANSWERED)
  • Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: That we continue to groom and grow future disciples from the church.
  • La Fuente Centro de Salud: That we continue to share the Gospel of Jesus with patients. That the leadership continues to make God-centered decisions regarding patient care, growth, and personnel.
  • Dr. Katie Pakarek: We have run into some difficulties with her licensing paperwork.  Pray that we can open the doors to get her licensed in Peru.
  • Dr. Anna Ross:  Pray that she will receive her license to practice dentistry.  It has been a long process that we hope is coming to a close. (PRAYER ANSWERED)
  • That the University Student ministry continues to grow and follow Jesus. 

Again, thank you for loving us well.  We wish you all a happy and blessed New Year,

The DuBoses in Peru

DuBoses in Peru November Update

 Happy December everyone,

Christmas is just around the corner.  However, before we get there, we want to say how thankful we are for all of you reading this email.  We are thankful for our family, friends, prayer warriors, and supporters (in no specific order). We are thankful for a God who offers us daily Grace.  We are thankful for a Lord who allows us to serve in Peru.  We are thankful and honored to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Cusco.

November came and went in a flash.  Please enjoy the family and ministry updates:

Emma:  Emma continues to play piano on Sundays at the church and practices piano 3 days a week at music school.  She is doing great at GAL school and has been enjoying Bible study at the Dougherty house. She has begun preparing for their December concert.

Bowden: Bowden is practicing drums 3 days a week at music school and is preparing for their December concert.  He is doing great at GAL school and has also been enjoying Bible study at the Dougherty house. 

Blakely: Blakely is practicing drums 3 days a week at music school and is preparing for their December concert.  She is doing great at GAL school and has been enjoying Bible study at our house. We were very saddened for the passing of her friend’s (Lily) dad, Juan Manuel Leon.

Cindy: Cindy continues her missionary kid Bible Study on Tuesdays.  She is at Casa Josefina 3 days a week loving on babies and coordinating the house’s visitors.  She is teaching the kids at the church every 2nd Sunday.

Josh: I have continued working 3 full days in the clinic.  Also, I have begun meeting with a group of Communication students at UNSAAC on Thursday mornings. Nestor and I are still doing Bible studies every week and I am meeting with Christian (10th semester med student) weekly. I am rotating teaching our Jovenes Saturday Night events.

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: We have been studying Genesis for the month and will now pause to talk about the birth of Jesus.  We had our last afternoon church service and will begin meeting in the mornings.  We have seen some growth as well as a focus on Discipleship and teaching.

La Fuente Centro de Salud:  The clinic has continued to see steady growth.  We divided up morning devotional to be taught in each department. We have been visited by DIRESA and the Defensa Civil for annual inspections. 

Casa Josefina: We have had several children adopted or reunited with family in November  As of Nov. 30th, there were 13 children in the house. 

University Ministry: We have begun meeting with Communication students (about 10-12) at UNSAAC on Thursday mornings.  Our hope is to gain trust, share life, and eventually guide them to a relationship with Jesus.  Our meetings have been marred by 2 weeks of a National Strike by the teachers. We also continue to meet Saturday nights as a group.  We are answering student questions (many of which include doubts, how to share faith, and Biblical understanding).

Please partner with us in the following prayers:

-That the administration can end the work strike at UNSAAC (it effects the students the most).
-That all the babies in the Casa Josefina will be adopted or reunited with family.
-That church involvement from members would continue to grow.That the Thursday student meetings at UNSAAC will be fruitful.
-That our kids finish the year well at GAL (ends mid-December).
-That we continue to love and disciple students well.  That they know our home is a safe and loving place.

Also, please send us your prayer requests.  It is our honor to pray for you, your families, and your friends.

As we finish out 2019, please remember our ministry in your giving.  We have been very blessed and appear to be on track for a great finish for 2019.  If you are an annual giver, please do not forget. 
If you are wanting to give extra at year’s end, please consider God’s work here in Cusco.  All donations are Tax-deductible.  Giving can be done online at:

Checks can be mailed to:Campus Outreach Serve, Inc
Dept #485
PO BOX 4458
Houston, TX 77210-4458

Please place “Josh DuBose #2519” in the memo line.

Thank you for loving us,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

DuBoses in Peru September/October Update

DuBoses in Peru September/October Update
 Happy November friends, family, supporters, and prayer warriors,

We hope this email finds you all very well.  We are settled back in Cusco after a month in the USA.  We were so excited to see many of you and at the same time, upset we could not fellowship with everyone.  September and October were pretty hectic with travels, ministry, birthdays, a wedding, and some much needed beach time. 

I want to give a very large and special thank you to First Baptist Church of Monroe for letting us use their ministry house during our stay.  It was such a blessing to have our own space to call home for a month. Also, big thank yous to Three Point Bible, Eastridge Community Church, and Hoschton Baptist Church for allowing us to share God’s ministry in Cusco and the special gifts each of these churches gave us.

Please enjoy the following updates:

Our Family: We had a busy September and October as we celebrated both mine (Josh) and Emma’s birthdays in the USA.  Emma is now officially a teenager (yikes!). I am NOT. My sister and new brother Bryan were married in Covington on the 28th of September. It was a beautiful wedding and I was able to see all of my cousins for the first time in years.  I was able to see my first Braves game at SunTrust (thanks Jamey),  Emma, Cindy and myself attended a Toto concert for Emma’s birthday.  She loved it and they were awesome.  Cindy and I also saw our first ever Cross-country meet in an impromptu south GA visit to see our dear friends, the Wrights.  We watched their miracle child (once paralyzed from Neuroblastoma) compete in an unusually hot (95 degrees) October.  We then visited friends in Moultrie and stayed the night (thanks for having us Barnetts).  

We traveled here and there speaking during the weeks and sharing God’s work in Peru. This included the kids previous school, Prince Avenue. We spent several nights in Augusta reuniting with former teammates, talking and meeting with supporters and speaking at the CMDA dental fellowship Bible study.  We were able to visit family and see some of our nieces and nephews in their activities.  Time sure did pass by too quickly.

We returned to Cusco and finished the month strong with ministry.  The kids Trick or Treated as it keeps gaining more and more momentum in Cusco.  We had a nice get together as a team too and ate tons of food and played games. 

Iglesia Fuente de Gracia: As I mentioned in our August update, the church celebrated it’s 4 year anniversary.  We continue to see growth there and have more Jovenes participating in the church than ever before.  Cindy still teaches the Sunday School class the 2nd Sunday of every month.

La Clinica La Fuente: The clinic continues to grow and we are preparing for annual inspections from the city and state.  The laser eye program is thriving under Nathan Henson’s leadership.  I continue to treat patients and have altered my schedule for 3 full days in the clinic versus 5 half days.  I continue managing the finances for the clinic and am in charge of our dental intern program.

Casa Josefina: The house is at capacity in the number of children living there.  Cindy continues volunteering there 3 days a week and coordinates visitors and volunteers.  The apartment was recently renovated for the house mom Ceci.  

Student ministry: I attended the LEAD Conference in Belo Horizonte, Brazil just before coming back to the USA.  It was a great time of learning and listening to other campus leaders around the globe. I have been encouraged by the attendance on Saturday nights and the increased involvement of our Jovenes in Bible studies during the week as well as church participation (especially in our Sunday schools).  I have dedicated 2 full days a week plus Saturday nights to campus ministry and the pursuit of new students to evangelize and disciple.

Please partner with us in the following prayers:
-that student leaders will rise up from the campus
-that God will use me (Josh) to open new doors on the campus of UNSAAC
-That our current students will absorb the Gospel and use It to further God’s Kingdom in Cusco.

Please let us know how we can be praying for you.  It is truly our honor to do so. 

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in His Name,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

Come See Us

 Hello everyone,

We are safely in the USA and have been spending the last few days at Hilton Head Island.  We have enjoyed our time to decompress. 

We are excited to begin some speaking engagements and I want to encourage you all to visit us at one of the following events.  This Sunday we will be at Hoschton Baptist Church’s evening service.  Tuesday Night at Eastridge Community Church Covington Campus and then Wednesday Night at First Baptist Church Monroe.

Sept 29th: Sunday Evening service at Hoschton Baptist Church.  6 PM.

Oct. 1st. Eastridge Community Church. 6 PM. Covington Campus.  “Get to know your missionaries.”

Oct. 2nd: Wednesday night service at First Baptist Church of Monroe. 5 PM dinner and then 6 PM message.

Oct. 7-9: Augusta, GA. October 8th at the home of Dr. Nathan and Audrey Wilson. 
Oct 9th: CMDA Dental Fellowship at 7:00 AM

Oct 9th: Wednesday.  Three Point Bible Church. 6 PM.

We hope to see you there,

Josh and Cindy DuBose

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