We need partners both financially and spiritually.  Our family has transitioned to full time staff members with Campus Outreach.  We are currently living in Cusco, Peru where we moved in October of 2016.   Josh is working at La Fuente as a missionary dentist.  We are active with Discipling students from the 2 Medical and Dental schools in Cusco.   Cindy is involved heavily with the children’s ministry at our church and will be volunteering more at our orphanage, Casa Josefina in 2018.  We are excited to see God move through our supporters.  Please, prayerfully consider partnering with us monthly, quarterly, or annually.  There is no such gift that is too small or too big.  Click on the following link to GIVE:

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Birthdays Galore

March is a super busy time in the DuBose household.  It is the birth month of Blakely, Bowden, and our dog Chaska.  During this time I have to update our blog page and add another number to the age list for my Boo and my Bubba.  Our hearts hurt a little each time as they grow older, taller, and more independent.

Blakely celebrated her birthday (March 10th) with a Poop Emoji Ice Cream party.  It was so much fun and filled with candy, ice cream, and hyperactive kids!  Bowden took 4 of his friends out to enjoy hamburgers and milkshakes in The Plaza de Armas for his birthday (March 16th).  We are playing Laser Tag next weekend for his true to life celebration.

This week we have a team from Texas down here for Marital and children counseling.  They are here as part of our team training,  This training has not afforded us any freedom for Bowden’s party.  So, next week it is.

The kids celebrated Chaska’s birthday (March 12th) with apples and a new toy.  Again, a busy week for the DuBose house.  Enjoy the photos.


DuBoses in Peru February Update


Hello friends, family, prayer partners, and supporters,

It seems that I type this same statement almost every month: “man this month flew by.”  Maybe this is a sign of my aging or just a natural progression of life on the mission field.  Either way, February came and went in a hurry.  Our family has been back in Cusco for a month now and we all feel settled at home.  February was a great month for us with new challenges, new experiences, meeting new people, celebrating birthdays, and of course ministry.

Emma, Bowden, and Blakely have done superb jobs in homeschooling.  They have worked extremely hard with the aid of Supermom Cindy.  All three have continued developing great relationships with teammates as well as Peruvians.  Emma is back to rocking the piano.  Bowden is back to teaching origami to whomever will listen.  Blakely is back to loving and talking to anyone who will also listen (especially her dear friend Penny Dillon). They make Cindy and I so proud with how well they love others. Monday March 5th began their first day at a new school (GAL).  They are super excited to make new friends and experience more of Peruvian culture.  Cindy and I are excited too.

Cindy has been super active with our church helping Audrey Wilson with the children’s ministry (babies to 12 years old).  Her primary focus has been with the 4-7 year old kids.  She is so gifted in this area.  With the return of our children to school outside of the house, Cindy hopes to increase her involvement in our MTW orphanage Casa Josephine.

I have continued to pursue relationships with the University students. My role at the Dental Clinic has shifted a bit as our clinic leader (Doctor Ruth Nancy) has asked me to step into a mentor/directorship role over the dental interns and dental students of La Fuente.  This role I gladly accepted as my schedule has more built in flexibility to have one on one interactions, discipleship opportunities, and teaching opportunities.  Dr. Nathan Wilson (our clinic director), Dr. Charles Scarborough, and myself have begun to develop an Academic Committee with the goal of plugging La Fuente interns and students into local churches for discipleship.  This is extremely encouraging and an honor to work alongside these 2 men. Also, I am continuing language school 4 to 5 days a week as I still struggle in this manner.  It is humbling to say the least.

Our family hosted a movie/game night with the students of La Fuente (see pictures).  It is so sweet to grow in closeness with each person.  They love our children well and our children love them.  Every student is unique with unique histories and unique insights on life.  I feel we learn more from them than they learn from us.

Please be in prayer for the following:

  • Confidence and comprehension for Emma, Bowden, and Blakely at GAL.
  • That Cindy continues the pursuit of her natural gifting with children at church and Casa Josephine.
  • That I (Josh) lead and teach well in the clinic under my new role.
  • The students of La Fuente de Gracia continue to grow in Christ.  For those who do not know Him, that they open their hearts and minds and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • For the Lewis’ (Jess, Ben, Elijah, and Simon) as they have moved to Curahuasi in anticipation of baby boy #3 (they will move back to Cusco after Gideon arrives.

Please let us know how we can pray for you all.  It is always our pleasure.  Do not forget to follow us on Facebook at “DuBoses in Peru” and our blog at  If you are not a financial partner currently and would like to become one, you can give at

Thank you for loving us,

Cindy and Josh

1 Year Anniversary in Peru

It is so hard to believe that we boarded a plane and left the USA 1 year ago yesterday to serve our King Jesus.  Today marks the 1 year anniversary of our arrival in Peru.  There have been many ups and downs, highs and lows, humbling experiences, and of course God-experiences.

I have made a video documenting our year in Peru.  Please watch and enjoy:

In His Name,


Our Family

Josh and Cindy: we’ve been married since 2004

Emma: 11

Bowden: 10

Blakely: 7

We are willfully following God’s will in our lives as full-time medical missionaries in Cusco, Peru.  Please join us in spreading the Gospel to all Nations.

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